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Encore™ Alcohol Activated Palette - Old Age by Neill Gorton palet bied ongeëvenaarde duurzaamheid, hoge pigmentatie en een brede selectie van kleuren die onvoorstelbaar goed op de huid blijven zitten. Alle ingrediënten zijn van een cosmetische rang en alle pigmenten worden goedgekeurd door de FDA. Te gebruiken op de huid, foam latex, latex en sillicone protheses en geven een zeer realistische natuurlijke afwerking. Het droogt direct en is water, transpiratie en wrijf vast

Dit pallet bevat de kleuren:Prime White, W1, C5, C6, Nicotine Stain, Vein Tone, Teal Blue, Rose, Dirty Brown, Prime Black

Gebruik: De schmink in deze palette is te activeren met alcohol 99,9%. Het verwijderen van deze schmink gaat met alcohol 99,9% of Life Wipes van Mouldlife op een watje.
Dit pallet gebruik je: 

  • Als je waterbestendig wil werken
  • als film en protheses make-up
  • voor cosplay
  • voor Halloween
  • voor onderwater commercials
  • voor theater, televisie en special effects makeup

Tip: er zijn meerdere Encore Alcohol Activated paletten, kijk ook eens naar de andere kleuren combinaties.

There’s not one thing I like about Encore palettes… it’s LOTS of things! The quality of the palettes themselves is the best I’ve seen. Sturdy and cleverly constructed packaging that contain high quality product with concentrated and tenacious pigments that last. The devilishly simple but ingenious magnetic tray system that gives me the ability to choose my colours and create the palette I need reducing the need to cart about a bunch of palettes just to service one make up. EBA have taken the palette from an expensive disposable consumable item and turned it in to a trusty tool that works with and for the make-up artist.

Most of my prosthetics work is character make up, disguises, character change and ageing so my choice of colours across the ENCORE AGED and FLESH palettes compliments this. ENCORE AGED palette allows me to add differing levels of age, ethnicity, sun damage or just make someone down right grubby looking. With the flexibility of the Encore system, I can switch a colour at any time to compliment the demands of my characters’ make up.

European Body Art Encore is a terrific new palette with a clever design that allows for easy re-arranging and replacement of colours. Here’s what EBA have to say about the palettes on their press release

“The Encore Palettes feature an innovative magnetic case along with a mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist’s hand. Interchangeable magnetic pans allow makeup artists to rearrange and replace colors easily based on their project or job, a rare sight in the special effects makeup industry.

All the while, EBA continues to maintain the signature qualities of their entire paint products as the durability of this special effects makeup will minimize the need for touch ups on set for professional makeup artists. Keep an eye out as EBA plans to release more colors for the Encore Palettes throughout 2014.” Quote: "Neill Gorton"

Colours: Prime White, W1, C5, C6, Nicotine Stain, Vein Tone, Teal Blue, Rose, Dirty Brown, Prime Black.

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Encore™ Alcohol Activated Palette - Old Age (by Neill Gorton)

€ 99,99*

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Encore™ Alcohol Activated Palette - Old Age (by Neill Gorton)

€ 99,99*

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